LOVESTREAM Festival 2023

When is LOVESTREAM Festival 2023 happening?

The LOVESTREAM festival will run from 18 to 20 August 2023.
(note: the festival gates will close on Monday at 12.00)

Where is LOVESTREAM Festival 2023 taking place?

Old airport Vajnory, Bratislava.

Genre focus

LOVESTREAM is a multi-genre festival. There is something for everyone: fans of pop, rock, rap, alternative or electronic music.

Opening/closing of the gates

The gates of the festival will open around noon on Friday, August 18, and close on Monday at 12pm.

What facilities can I expect at the festival

Foreign and local performers will perform on two large stages, giving the LOVESTREAM festival a world-class quality. Camping town, drinking water, health centre, gastro stands, parking, relaxation and other adventure activities, amusement park, children's zone, VIP zone and many other attractions are a matter of course.

How will it be possible to pay at the festival?

Upon entering the festival area, each visitor will receive a digital wallet in the form of a wristband, which will be used to pay for all services, attractions and gastronomy at the festival. Of course, it is also possible to recharge this wallet during the festival. LOVESTREAM will thus be completely cashless.


What is the festival line-up?

Headlining the festival is the band IMAGINE DRAGONS, who will perform on Sunday, August 20, 2023.
The full programme can be found HERE.

How long will Imagine Dragons play?

He comes to us with his full concert show full of hits MERCURY WORLD TOUR, which lasts 90 minutes.

Volunteers, artists, vendors

How to become a volunteer at LOVESTREAM Festival 2023 ?

If you are interested in being part of our team, please contact us at dobrovolnici@lovestream.sk, send us your CV and write a few sentences about yourself.

How to perform at the festival ?

If you are interested in performing at the festival, please contact us at artists@lovestream.sk and in case of interest we will contact you.

How to become a supplier ?

Interested in selling refreshments, products or other services at the festival? Contact us vendors@lovestream.sk and in case of interest we will contact you.


Where to buy the tickets?

Tickets can be purchased exclusively through our e-shop and Ticketportal network. We are not responsible for the authenticity of tickets bought outside of these.

What kinds of tickets are there?

Various types of tickets are offered, from the one-day version to the full festival ticket. Besides these, it is possible to purchase a VIP ticket. You can see the complete offer HERE

What are the entry conditions for children?

Children under one year have free entrance. KIDS tickets are intended for children up to six years of age. Children older than six years need to have a standard ticket. Visitors under 14 years of age will be admitted only in company of their parent or legal guardian.
KIDS tickets are also valid for the VIP sector.
Proof is needed to prove the child's age, e.g. their insurance card.

What will I get with the VIP ticket?

The VIP ticket includes a separate entrance to the festival, a dedicated VIP area in close proximity to the main steward with a perfect view. The VIP area will have its own gastronomic area (buffets, bar) and separate toilets.

Discounted tickets for disabled people

Holders of the National Disability Card are entitled to a discounted ticket for disabled people. It is necessary to provide their ID card when entering the festival.

A person accompanying the National Disability Card holder must have a standard ticket.

Refund or exchange of tickets

Tickets cannot be refunded for personal reasons.

If the festival is canceled or postponed on our part (on the basis of the pandemic situation, war, etc.), you will either receive a full ticket refund on request, or the validity of the ticket will be transferred to the next year.

Tickets are not linked to a name, so they are transferrable to other people.

What to do if I have not received the email with the ticket I purchased?

The email containing the tickets will arrive within 24 hours. Please check your SPAM/promotions email folder.

If you have not received the tickets:

- Contact Ticketportal directly if you purchased your tickets there
- If you purchased the tickets on the www.lovestream.sk website, contact us at tickets@lovestream.sk

Is it necessary to print the tickets?

Tickets can be presented in their electronic form with a QR code.

Festival movement

How will moving around the festival work?

All visitors who present a valid ticket will receive a festival wristband with a QR code upon arrival at the festival, which is non-transferable. Visitors are required to wear the wristband for the entire duration of the festival to gain entry and remain on the festival grounds.
With this wristband, the visitor can enter and leave the premises at any time.

Movement at the festival, seating

Since the festival is held on a large open area, visitors can move anywhere within the venue (outside the VIP area, if they do not have this ticket). Bleachers and reserved seating are not available.

Medical care

Health Centre

The medical centre will be located on the festival grounds. If necessary, visitors will be able to buy medicines directly from the pharmacy. They can also store their own medicines in refrigerated boxes right there.

Traveling and parking

What parking options will be there?

There will be parking areas for which a parking ticket must be purchased. We will inform you about their sale.

Will there be public transport available?

We will keep updating the information.

Accommodation and camping

Will camping be possible?

There will be a tent city. You can find more in the services section. (This service, will be charged in excess of standard tickets. )


Refreshments and drinks at the festival

There will be plenty of stalls in the festival area with various refreshments, a selection of typical unforgettable festival food suitable for the youngest festival participants, and a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Upon entering the festival area, each visitor will receive a digital wallet in the form of a wristband, which will be used to pay for all services, attractions and gastronomy at the festival. Of course, it is also possible to recharge this wallet during the festival. LOVESTREAM will thus be completely cashless.

Your own drinks at the festival

Visitors can enter the festival grounds with their own soft drinks in plastic bottles. However, glass bottles and own alcohol are prohibited in the entire area.