Am I allowed to access the concerts of all interprets with my ticket?

Each ticket is valid for one festival day and allows you to enter all the concerts that day.

Is LOVESTREAM a festival or a concert?

LOVESTREAM is a three-day festival with concerts and accompanying events throughout all day.

Will be the concerts at the LOVESTREAM festival live or streamed?

LOVESTREAM is a live festival with the stars performing live.

Am I allowed to come to the stadium anytime?

Yes, the gates will open daily from 12:00, and you are allowed to enter anytime.

If I’ve got the ticket with seating and want to come to some of the concerts that day, is the sitting place reserved for me all day?

Yes, the ticket with seating assigns to the particular seat and belongs to the ticket’s owner that day.

Am I allowed to leave the festival site and then come back?

You are allowed to leave the site during the day, although you have to show your valid ticket and go through security control again when you come back.

What are the current epidemiological rules?

Mass events are WITHOUT any RESTRICTIONS.

Are there any age restrictions at the festival?

The festival has no age restrictions.

Does a child need a ticket?

A child up to 5 does not need a ticket if the adult guide has a standing ticket bought. In the case of the tickets with seats, there is a need to buy also one for a child.
We would point out that the festival is on the bordered site, and we are awaiting a great mass of visitors at the selected time. Please, consider if such an event is convenient for your child and will feel comfortable and safe.

Does the ticket allow me to park at the stadium?

No, the ticket is only for entrance to the festival. We advise to look at our recommended festival parkings nearby.

As I do not live in Bratislava, I consider the best type of transport.

You can find handy tips on transport during the festival on our website. We also recommend joining our FB group LOVESTREAM FESTIVAL, where you can connect with other visitors travelling to the festival and travel together.

If the festival is cancelled for unexpected reasons (epidemiological / war situation), will my ticket price be refunded?

In case of the festival cancellation, we will, of course, refund you the full price.

The schedule

You can find the approximate order of artists performances of the festival days here.

Can I bring a camera or a videocamera to the festival?

Please note that it will not be possible to bring a professional or semi-professional camera or video camera to the festival area.
Photography and filming will only be possible on a mobile phone.

Can I enter the festival with backpack?

It is not allowed to enter the venue with backpacks.
The only accepted backpacks are the ones in the size of handbag, it is 20x20x20 centimeters.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the festival?

It is not possible to bring your own food or drinks to the festival. However, a sufficient number of refreshment stands will be provided in the festival area.
In the case of people with food allergies, it is possible to take food with you in smaller quantities. Of course, it is necessary to have some document as the proof of the special dietary needs.

What is the list of prohibitted items?

We ask that all professional cameras (detachable lens cameras), video cameras, audio recording devices, “selfie” sticks, iPad’s, drones, fireworks, food, cans, bottles (glass or plastic), laser pointing devices, weapons, large chains, spiked bracelets, wallet chains, backpacks, alcoholic beverages, or projectiles of any kind not be permitted inside venue.

Will it be possible to buy tickets at the venue?

Tickets will be available for purchase directly in front of the stadium throughout the festival.

Is it possible to pay by card in food zone?

Payment is possible in cash (EUR) and by card.

Will the festival take place if it rains?

Yes, the festival also takes place in case of rain. The advantage is that the festival takes place at the stadium, where about 3/4 of the seats are covered.

Do I need to print my ticket or is it enough to have it in the electronic form?

You don’t need to print your tickets. You can present them in the electronic form with the QR code.