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Once seemed impossible, this year will become a reality. The festival LOVESTREAM festival is coming with three separate days of unforgettable music experience taking its place at NFS Tehelné Pole, Bratislava and making the concert dreams come true.

The organiser, Silvia Nemčovičová: „The first day of the festival we decided to dedicate to the Slovak and Czech music scene. As it will take its place at our largest NFS stadium, we have tailored the selection of the music artists.“ On the first day of the festival, there will perform well-known names that ensure plenty of hits and the best atmosphere.

The LOVESTREAM festival will kick off the first day with a full range of stars, such as KRYŠTOF, LUCIE or IMT SMILE. Also, the Czech-Moravian band ČECHOMOR will be present at the festival – the band known for its original manner of performing folk music. The domestic scene will reinforce the band HELENINE OČI that has become very popular and concert-experienced, with their energetic metal-ska-reggae-folk-rock show. The band KRYŠTOF, which loves the large-stadium show, has recently released their 8th studio album Hollywood, full of poetics and thrilling chorus, which will not be missing at the festival.

The Friday extra program will continue with one of the most famous Czech bands, LUCIE. It has been on the scene since 1985, and now the members of the band are Robert Kodym, P.B.Ch., Michal Dvořák and David Koller. The Friday final will belong to the musicians from East Slovakia, IMT SMILE, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2022.

Ivan Tásler, the leader and singer of IMT Smile band: „The IMT Smile band will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2022. And I am looking forward to celebrating it with our fans in such a big way at the LOVESTREAM festival. We will perform the greatest hits that we have brought over the 30 years.“

The best at the end – the price of the tickets for the LOVESTREAM festival on Friday, JUNE 10, 2022, starts at 35 EUR for the fastest ones from you. You can buy tickets exclusively on and