12. 06. 2022

About the band

The band Horkýže Slíže does not need to be introduced to the Slovak fans as everyone must know them.

This Slovak punk rock band will celebrate their 30th anniversary on stage this year, with their comedy rock, naive punk and punk rock production making them one of the legends of the Czechoslovak scene. The musical energy they put into their performances together with notorious lyrics is one of the absolute classics of concerts in Slovakia.

Hits like Mám v p… na lehátku, Nazdar!!!, Silný refrén, L.A.G. song, Vlak, A ja sprostá are a guarantee of a great mood. The band consisting of Peter “Kuko” Hrivňák (vocals, bass guitar), Mário “Sabotér” Sabo (guitar, vocals), Juraj “Doktor” Štefánik (guitar, vocals) and Marek “Vandel” Viršík (drums, vocals) joined Veronika Smetanová (bass guitar) in 2018.