12. 06. 2022

About the band

Throughout its 27-year history (1995 – 2022), INEKAFE have brought 14 releases (7 serial albums, initially 2 demo albums, which were later released as 1 official album, 2 best of albums 1 DVD and 1 DVD / CD) at several hundred thousand amounts. They have released exactly 37 singles, so far the last one is Málo from December 2021. Their catchy songs like Ráno, Ružová záhrada, Ďakujeme Vám, Úspešne zapojení, Vianoce, Špinavé objatie, 090x, Kašovité jedlá, Právo na šťastie, Spomienky na budúcnosť and dozens of others have been singing for two generations and the band has long been among the headliners of any event…

INEKAFE plays: Vratko Rohoň – vocals, guitar / Vlado Bis – bass guitar, vocals / Jozef “Dodo” Praženec – drums, vocals.