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19.08.2023-5:00 PM


About the band

2022: new line-up, new music, new visual identity, and a brand new live show. Kadebostany is ready to bring its world-shaking empire to the next level once again! The new live show will showcase an exciting new line-up featuring singers Poseidona and Fang the Great, and a horn section surrounded by modular synth assaults! This new show features the classic songs that you know and brand music.

Brainchild of songwriter/producer Guillaume de Kadebostany aka President Kadebostan, Kadebostany broke through with numerous chart-topping singles such as “Castle in the Snow”, “Mind if I Stay”, “Early Morning Dreams, “Walking with a Ghost”, “Save Me”, the new version of Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” (50 Shades of Grey) or more recently “Take Me To The Moon”.

Under the flag of the conceptual Republic of Kadebostany, Kadebostany rapidly captured attention far and wide with its singular brand of pop music, unique visual identity, and colossal live performances. Kadebostany’s songs cumulates over 1 billion streams on Youtube, has dominated the charts in over 30 countries, they performed over 500 live shows in more than 25 countries the latest years, and have been praised by international press such as Vice, GQ, Spin, American Songwriter, CNN, Rolling Stone, Vogue, MixMag,, Run The Trap, Time Out, Marie Claire, and more.

The 2020 Ep “DRAMA – Act 1” announced the new era, and has been followed by the hit single “Take Me To The Moon”, “Wild in Secret” and “Two Lovebirds in a Cage”.

Kadebostany draws a modern vision of pop music, best described by its leader as “sophisticated music with mass appeal”.