11. 06. 2022

Another name has been added to Saturday’s line-up – an indie-rock band from Vancouver, Canada with the rare name RARE AMERICANS.

About the band

Rare Americans is a band that has been attracting more and more fans with its catchy lyrics since its founding 4 years ago.

The band was founded by James and Jared Priestner a few years ago on vacation in the Caribbean, where James more or less jokingly suggested to his brother to write some songs together. Jared agreed and even suggested to do the whole album straight away, and so did the first eponymous Rare Americans album come into existence.

Jared does not perform with the band and contributes to the success only as a co-author, but what is most interesting about this American-Canadian band is that two Slovaks play in it: Ľubo Ivan and Ján Čajka! The group of “rare Americans” is joined by drummer Duran Ritz. This line-up already has a decent fan base, 3 albums and several singles.

The most famous of them is the song Brittle Bones Nicky with almost 65 million views on Youtube and the Juno 2020 award in the Producer of the Year category.

Their third album, with a simple label of 3, was created during the lockdown and is complemented by 8 interrelated animated video clips, which build on a colorful and animated universe full of characters and stories called “Crooked City”.

Their stories will find fans among anyone who has ever hit the rock bottom and needed encouragement. James Priestner: “We try to inspire and strengthen our fans, we are an independent band, a bit unlucky and we think a lot of our fans feel exactly the same …”

Slovak fans of Rare Americans can look forward to their concert on Saturday, June 11 at the Lovestream Festival in Bratislava.