Kick off 2023 with LOVESTREAM Festival tickets!

New Year’s Eve contest for two 3-day tickets to LOVESTREAM Festival 2023: add your favorite tune from one of the festival guests to our video, share it to your story, and win two tickets for the whole duration of LOVESTREAM Festival 2023! Careful, you can compete only today.

How to make my entry?

  1. Under the post, you can find the share button (looks like an arrow on Instagram). Click on it and choose the option of adding/sharing it to your story. It must be public, so we can see it.
  2. Click on the sticker icon (square smiley face), which you will use for adding music.
  3. You must choose the MUSIC sticker. Then just search for your favorite tune, which will be added to your creation. That is it, now you can publish it! Of course you can add more enhancements if that is your thing.

You can find information about the competition on the website.