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Payment system

We Pay The Fastest, We Pay with NFCtron!

Introducing the fastest payment from NFCtron. NFCtron is the most widespread provider of payment systems for one-time events in the Czech Republic.

We’re enhancing your payment experiences. This year, you’ll be paying at vendors’ as swiftly as possible. Just tap the chip to the sales device and let your balance be shown! You can also monitor this balance in the NFCtron mobile app or on your online receipt.

Have you topped up credit online through NFCtron Tickets? Great! Head to a top-up location, present the QR code for recharging, and easily activate the chip-embedded wristband. If you haven’t topped up the chip, you can top up at any of the top-up locations in cash or with a payment card. Activation fee for first top-up is 2 EUR. After topping up on-site, remember to keep the printed information sheet, which will later serve you for getting a refund of the remaining balance.

Download the NFCtron mobile app for an even better overview of your consumption

Download the NFCtron mobile application to your phone, scan the activated chip, and monitor your consumption even more conveniently! With the app, you can also rate orders using star ratings with comments and provide us with feedback for future editions. Additionally, within 14 days after the event ends, you can easily request a refund of the remaining credit back to your bank account.

Please note that you cannot recharge credit through the NFCtron mobile application; it’s only for balance checking. The app requires scanning an activated chip to function.

The application is available on both the App Store and Google Play. NFC technology in your phone is necessary for the app to function properly.

For app download visit the website

What about the unused balance?

Refunding your remaining credit is free of charge and without limitations for accounts in both CZK and EUR. Simply request it with a few clicks through your online receipt from the event venue, via NFCtron Tickets, or using the NFCtron mobile application. We will return the money to your bank account by September 3rd, 2023. Cash refunds are not provided.

Can’t figure it out? A video tutorial or the NFCtron support team can help you.