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Unbelievable! Another world-famous rock star will perform before Red Hot Chili Peppers. Rival Sons fulfills the starred playlist of the LOVESTREAM festival.

All the rock fans from Slovakia and other surrounding countries have already booked June 12, 2022, in their calendars. Since we have announced the concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers at the LOVESTREAM festival in Bratislava, it is almost a duty to take this ride. And although it might seem that it is more than enough, it is not. The organisers of the LOVESTREAM festival are still pushing the bar higher. The festival Sunday will be mainly rock, and thus the line-up was added with Rival Sons.

It is not the first time the American rock band Rival Sons will visit Slovakia. Our rock fans could see them in 2016 when they nipped here from the Black Sabbath tour. Since the band members – Jay Buchanan (singer), Scott Holiday (guitar), Dave Beste (bass guitar) and Michael Miley (drums), have proven to perform extraordinary concerts. You may hear the influence of Led Zeppelin or Bad Company in their hard-rock and blues-rock recordings. However, this cannot describe an exceptional and unique experience they bring to an audience at concerts.

With the band choice, the LOVESTREAM festival supports the Sunday rock mood. Though, the Rival Sons have not been chosen only by accident. „There were several bands on the shortlist. In the case of Rival Sons, we took into account the present reviews on their American tour. They have the ability to win an audience with their concerts, which do not miss hits like Pressure and Time, Too Bad or All Over the Road,“ Silvia Nemčovičová, the festival organiser, reveals. Their performance put emphasis on the sound quality and extraordinary show. With their latest studio deed, they have proven again unrepeatable ability to combine blues-based rock’n’roll with energetic riffs and slow melancholic melodies.

A unique and unforgettable experience. These words can describe the first year of the LOVESTREAM festival. „Since the first idea, we have known that we wanted to bring something exceptional to Slovakia. I am proud of the whole team that we could manage to set the unbelievable line-up, which became the target of a hoax not once. We did not want to choose between pop, dance, or rock music fans. We felt that it is time to join all together again, and I hope we will do it. The base of the LOVESTREAM festival is music and a unique show. Although we will go further. Soon we will introduce more of the program at the festival, which will fulfil an extraordinary experience for the visitors,“ Silvia Nemčovičová added.

The LOVESTREAM festival headliner is the American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, which will come to Slovakia for the first time. More international stars, such as Dua Lipa, Calum Scott, Lost Frequencies, Zara Larsson, Rival Sons or Zoe Wees, together with the most famous Slovak and Czech bands IMT Smile, Lucie, Ine Kafe, Horkýže Slíže, Heľenine oči, No name, and Čechomor, will perform at the NFS Tehelné Pole in Bratislava during three days on June 10 – 12, 2022.

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LOVESTREAM festival is brought to you by Silvi Production in collaboration with Marcel Avram and Concerts East.